Steam Generator Unit

SGU - Steam Generator Unit

  • Power Supply: 6V – 18V battery (prefer 7V - 15V)

  • Water full level meter

  • Suitable for Dolls Houses

  • Suitable for medium to large scale models

  • Able to run from radio controller or as a standalone unit

  • Instant smoke no oil or extra liquid necessary just pure water

  • Dimensions:

    • Water tank:110*70*100mm

    • Control box: 60*80*30mm

4 running modes:

Mode 1: Radio controller operated only

Fan control: Radio Smoke control: Radio

Fan speed and Smoke amount controlled by the Radio Controller

Mode 2: Pre-set fan control, and Radio controlled Smoke generator

Fan control: Pot-meter Smoke control: Radio

Mode 3: Radio controlled fan control, and Pre-set Smoke generator

Fan control: Radio Smoke control: Pot-meter

Mode 4: Standalone running

Fan control: Potmeter Smoke control: Potmeter

Suitable for static use. Dolls houses or exhibitions.